Thursday, 15 December 2011

Ops session 9th December 2011

I called the crew together for an operating session on Friday, 9th December to launch the rebuilt town of Pauls Valley. Here are some photos that Greg took.

John C is the yard operator at Pauls Valley. In the background, Barry is waiting for his train to emerge from the hidden north-end staging yards.

John F is running the yard at Ardmore, and here he is switching some cars at the Bluebonnet feed mill:

Rod was switching some cars for the Kerr McGee refinery at Wynnewood, when some of them decided to lie down on their side.  Ooops!!

Noel is running the Ardmore local freight, and here he is switching some cars at Gene Autry:

Barry is monitoring the progress of his train as it enters the north-end staging yard:

Group shot - Noel, Rod, me, John F and Charlie:

John switching at Ardmore, while Rod is switching at Wynnewood:

Here's Charlie having a rest in the aisle between Davis and Dougherty:

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