Wednesday, 22 January 2020

Pauls Valley is getting a make-over

Over the past few months I've been working on structures for Pauls Valley, and working out how to position them. Once I got that sorted I decided to paint the track so that I can get started on the scenery.

In the past I've used a paint brush to paint the sides of the rails, but as Pauls Valley has such a lot of track I decided to use my airbrush instead. I had no prior experience with airbrushing track, and wasn't sure whether over-spray might get onto the walls and other places where I didn't want it. But I had a lot of newspaper on hand, and I took the approach that "an ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure." It turned out that I was over cautious.

Here's how Pauls Valley looked after I had finished spraying the track:

Next step was to invite Rod over to paint the backdrop for me. Painting backdrops is one of Rod's Superpowers. Here he is with paintbrush in hand.

This is how Pauls Valley looks with my buildings back in place:

Here's a closer photo of Jacobson Concrete (left) and the incomplete elevator complex (right) showing how the backdrop looks behind. I will be "planting" trees and shrubs between the buildings and the painted backdrop.

A big thank-you to Rod for his help with this.


Thursday, 16 January 2020

This day in history ...

I was looking at some old photos and realised that today is a noteworthy anniversary in the history of my GC&SF Railway.  Fifteen years ago today I laid a temporary main track around the layout peninsula that now contains my townships of Dougherty and Big Canyon, and the first trains around that peninsula met at a point just south of the present day location of Dougherty.

Here is a photo of that happy event, together with a photo of my very good friends Vic, John and Rod who came over about a month or so earlier to help me install the pre-assembled skyboard for the peninsula. Actually, Vic, John and Rod did all the installation. I just stood back with my fingers crossed hoping that I had built the skyboard correctly.

First trains around the Dougherty - Big Canyon peninsula.

(L-R) Vic, John and Rod installing the skyboard between Dougherty and Big Canyon.

I really should get stuck into building the scenery on this peninsula, but recently I've been focussing on Pauls Valley.

EDIT ...

For clarity, I have actually started the scenery on this peninsula. I just have a lot more to do.