Saturday, 28 March 2015

SFRSD Directors' Special

Here are a few short videos I made with my phone camera at our monthly operating session at Rod's place last night.  The videos are a bit shaky because I was holding the camera as I was panning to follow the train.

The Directors' Special is a set of Kato streamlined passenger cars pulled by a pair of BLI E8A/B locomotives.

The videos can be viewed in full screen mode within Blogger, but the quality is degraded considerably from the original. So under each video I have included the link to the YouTube version. 

In this first one the train is approaching and entering Red Rock:

Here the train is approaching Perry:

In this final one the train has left Perry and is making its way to Guthrie:
The proud fellow at the end of the third video is Rod.  In the background is Greg, who was our Dispatcher for the session.

Once again my little phone-camera has surprised me with its capabilities. I might never use my point-and-shoot camera again. When I have a little more time I'll stitch the three into a single video. Right now I have to go pack for a trip to Port MacDonnell and Coonawarra.

Thanks for looking.


Saturday, 21 March 2015

Running trains on the Boise Sub

Last night Big John took a turn hosting the guys on his ATSF Boise Sub layout.  I had my trusty phone-camera with me so I took some photos, as I did at Rod's last session. Here they are.

The fellow in the background is our host John, with Darren in the foreground.

Rod and Bill running a train together:

Here's John C. looking after the yard:

John makes very good use of background 'flats' and photos on his layout, as the following photos show:

Maybe it's just me, but these photos don't look as green/yellow as the photos I took during Rod's last session. On the other hand, some might be a bit too blue. I put that down to John using 6500K ("daylight") fluoros whereas Rod has 4000K ("cool white") tubes. My phone doesn't handle white compensation as well as my SLR, but it gets into some places that I could never put the camera.

Thanks for hosting another enjoyable session, John.