Wednesday, 11 March 2020

First operating session for 2020

The crew came together today for the first operating session on the GC&SF for almost a year. The yards were operated by the graduates from the recent training session, while the two Johns (who've operated the yards in the past) got to run other trains.

Here are some photos taken before and during the session:
An end-on view of the peninsula that holds Wynnewood (left) and Davis (right).

End-on view of the peninsula that holds Dougherty (left) and Big Canyon (right).

(L-R) Peter, Derek and Chris at Ardmore yard.

Bill, John C (background) and Graham at Pauls Valley.

John C, with the morning Pauls Valley - Davis local, at Wynnewood.

Peter running the Ardmore - Dougherty local through Big Canyon.

John F. running a southbound Fast Freight through the house track at Davis. (???)

Bill returning to Pauls Valley yard with a cut of cars, after switching the town's industries.

John C. making some set-outs and pick-ups at Davis.

John F. (L) and John C. (R) preparing to switch some industries at Wynnewood.


John F. with the afternoon Pauls Valley - Davis local freight, at Wynnewood.

Derek running the yard at Pauls Valley.

Graham switching the Dolese Bros. quarry at Big Canyon.

John F., still hard at work at Wynnewood.

(L-R) John C, Chris (Ardmore yard operator) and Peter, at Ardmore.

The local switcher, working industries at Wynnewood.

John F. has kindly donated several buildings that were used on his fallen flag "Boise Sub" layout that are not needed for his new layout. They are a very nice addition to the street scene I am creating for Pauls Valley. Thank-you very much, John.
The four completed structures were donated by John F.

The streetscape behind the Pauls Valley depot is coming together very nicely.

I want to thank all the guys for coming over today to make this a very enjoyable session, with a special thanks to Graham, Derek and Chris for operating the yards.

And thanks once again to John F. for the buildings.

Regards to all,