Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Just an update...

It has been a few months since my last post, so I thought I should provide an update just to prove I haven't abandoned this blog.

This photo shows the block as it now looks.  The building that was the GC&SF HQ and General Office is now completely gone. The Operations Department (layout) is housed in the building visible in the distant left of the block. The end wall (facing the camera) is removable so the room can be converted into a two-car garage, or to allow the GC&SF to be extended.

The GC is going to be out of action for quite some time yet, but I'm still getting plenty of train-running on the other guys' layouts, several of which are now close to hosting operating sessions.  By the time the GC is ready to host its next session I will be struggling to fit it into our calendar.