Friday, 31 July 2020

Trees ...

I've spent the past few days making more trees for the GC&SF.  I made one batch using the last of my Scenic Express SuperTrees, and a second batch using plastic tree armatures that I bought on ebay.

It is barely visible in this photo, but I am holding a SuperTrees "tree" in my left hand, and about to spray it with adhesive.

In this photo I have dunked the tree into Woodlands Scenics Dark Green Coarse Turf.

The next pics show the completed trees.  The trees on the left (with the thicker trunks) were made from the plastic armatures that I got from ebay, with WS Underbrush applied for foliage using WS Hob-e-Tac Shredded Clumped Foliage also works well, but Clumped Foliage straight out of the package is too big.

Next job will be to plant the trees at Pauls Valley.

Thanks for looking,

Saturday, 11 July 2020

New highway crossing at Pauls Valley

I didn't initially plan to have a grade crossing at this location but I eventually came to realise that I should have at least one surfaced road crossing at Pauls Valley. So here is how it looks from the yard operator's perspective ...

Many of the buildings in the background are either incomplete kits or cardboard mock-ups of buildings that I will scratch build. The shiny black structure is an unfinished scale 60' x 24' ATSF water tank. I'm still thinking about whether to include it because after I got this far with the model I learnt that in 1960 the railroad received its water from the town water supplier. So no RR water tank at all.

This photo also provides a look at the ballast in the yard. And of course, I still need to add a lot of trees, etc. particularly in the background.