Monday, 19 February 2018

Operating session - 16th February 2018

Last Friday evening I hosted the first GC&SF operating session for 2018. We had a big turn-out of crew members, as (unusually) almost everybody I invited came along. The downside of that was that some of the guys got to run very few trains.

Nevertheless, it seemed to have been a great evening socially, and we made it through the complete timetabled session (which is also a little unusual.)

Here are some photos that I took before and during the evening on my Oppo phone.  (Sorry Dennis, but I somehow managed to not take any with you in them.)

This first group shows how things looked before we started the session.

The line-up at South Staging.
L-R: Train 6 (The Ranger), train 38 (a Fast Freight), train 16 (The Texas Chief),
train X2856N (a livestock extra), train 40 (a Fast Freight), and train 66 (the Ringling mixed local.)

A view of Wynnewood (left) and Davis (right) from the end of the peninsula. The yard at
Pauls Valley is on the far left, and Dougherty is on the far right.

The siding and storage sheds at the Ardmore Air Base near Gene Autry.

Johnstone Construction at Davis. Just behind the tree is Pitmon Oil.

Stillwater Milling (foreground) and Arctic Processing (distance) at Davis.

The tank-car loading racks at Kerr-McGee Refinery, Wynnewood.

Another view of the refinery at Wynnewood.

These photos were taken during the session.

Vic is preparing to leave Davis with the Pauls Valley local freight. In the background,
John F is switching Dougherty with the Ardmore local freight.

Rod, Peter and Bill (next photo) were waiting for the clock to count down so
they can run their next assignments.

Vic is switching Wynnewood with the Pauls Valley local freight, while Barry is watching for
the southbound gravel train to enter Wynnewood.

John F, with the Ardmore local freight at Big Canyon, where
a covered hopper loaded with sand has to be collected.

Barry, and the southbound gravel train en-route to Dougherty.

Darren, and Train 37 (a southbound Fast Freight) rounding the long curve at Big Canyon.

Greg, with northbound Fast Freight #38 at Ardmore.

Brendan, yardmaster at Ardmore, is switching cars for Train 38.

Train 38 approaching Wynnewood, with John C (background) preparing cars at Pauls Valley.

Darren brings Train 37 out onto the main, as it departs Ardmore.
Bill is operating the Frisco local, which operates between Ardmore and Hugo (OK.)

Vic and the Pauls Valley local at Wynnewood. The train has 'turned' at Pauls Valley
and is returning southwards with a long string of cars for Wynnewood and davis

Rod is switching tank cars at the Wynnewood refinery, while Barry acts at the brakeman.

John C, in his usual role as yardmaster at Pauls Valley.

 I think that everybody had a good time, despite a couple of minor problems (caused by my poor preparation).  Thanks for coming over guys.

I'm hoping for my next session to be on a Tuesday in March.