Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Northbound Fast Freight

Here's my first attempt to add a video to my blog.  It's an FT ABBA set with a northbound fast freight train #40 at Dougherty.


I shot this video several times from different angles to see what worked best with my Fuji digital camera, and backed the train up between takes. On one occasion I forgot to change the loco direction back to forward before starting it up again, with almost disasterous results:
The flatcar was too light to push the rest of the train backwards up the slight slope beyond Big Canyon, and it 'popped' out of the train, causing several other cars to derail.  Luckily, nothing fell from the layout into the Great Chasm.

This video is linked to on my YouTube account, which was created before I created this Google Blogger account.  Google doesn't allow me to link to the pre-existing account, although it does offer to do just that. When I tried to do that, Google created a NEW YouTube account for me. A search of the Google FAQs revealed that many other people have encountered the same problem, and Google has never even replied to the many requests for help.  (I'm still waiting for an answer to my email. Thanks for nothing Google.)

I'll keep practising with the videos, but I think I really need to get a proper video camera.

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