Sunday, 14 January 2018

Working on the railroad, again.

During the past week I've spent some time restaging trains and preparing the layout for my next operating session (to be held on a date which has still to be decided.)  In the process I added four more Intermountain ice refrigerator cars (because I love them) and removed about ten other cars from the operating system. I feel that I still have too many cars on the layout, and I'm thinking of ways to address that.

The cars that are not in use are still on the layout, and form a train that sits on a hidden staging yard track that is not used during ops sessions.  About half of those cars are ones that I should probably sell off or give away as I no longer want to run them on the layout (for one reason or another).  The rest get swapped out from time to time with other cars, just to change things up a bit.

This train has now grown to 27 cars, and is the longest train on the layout. I can, and have, run longer trains, but for ops sessions my freight trains are limited to 2 locos, 21 cars and a caboose, as that's all that can fit on my arrival/departure tracks without interfering with other tracks.

Here's a video of this train running southbound through Davis:

While I was at it, I also filmed my track-cleaning train as it ran laps around the layout: