Saturday, 30 June 2018

GC&SF operating session - 29 June 2018

I called the crew together for another operating session on the GC&SF last night. Some of the guys couldn't make it due to other commitments, and a couple called in sick (sorry guys; there's no paid sick-leave on the GC), so we were down quite a bit on crew numbers. However, with just six of us we managed to complete the full morning schedule. Better still, we achieved that without any annoying problems (such as derailments in the hidden staging.) It has been a long time since that happened.

Brendan and I operated the yards while Greg, Bill, Graham and Chris ran the trains. Chris also took a bunch of photos and made a short video.

Here are some of the photos that Chris and I took during the session:
Greg is doing some switching at Dougherty, with the Ardmore local freight.

Chris, with Train 37 at Davis.

Graham with the Davis - Pauls Valley local freight, switching at Wynnewood.
(This photo also shows some of the new structures I've been working on for Wynnewood.)

Brendan is checking the Crew Call Board, to see what train he can run during a quiet time at Pauls Valley.

Ooops ... something when wrong as Graham left Pauls Valley with the local freight.

Greg, still at Dougherty with the Ardmore local freight.

Bill is waiting for Chris to terminate Train 37 in the south staging yard,
so he can run a north-bound train.

Graham is switching some cars at the Kerr-McGee Refinery (Wynnewood).

Bill has Train 38 stopped while he waits for Graham to clear the main.

Greg is delivering empty gons to the Dolese Bros. crusher at Big Canyon.

Greg has set out the gravel train on the siding at Davis, and Graham is making his final deliveries
with the Davis - Pauls Valley local freight.

Brendan is sorting cars at Pauls Valley.

Graham is working out what switching he has to do at Wynnewood.

A 'drone's-eye view' of the sidings at Kerr McGee Refinery.

The Stillwater Mill at Davis.

Empty gondolas awaiting loading at Southern Rock Asphalt in Dougherty.

Chris also made this video of a train with a block of Santa Fe box cars moving through Davis.

I've always thought that we needed at least seven operators (and preferably eight) to keep to the schedule, so I'm chuffed that with just six of us we were able to work the full schedule without any delays or problems. I feel I'm lucky to have such a skillful and enthusiastic bunch of crew members to run the layout with me just as I like it to be run. Thanks guys!

Thanks also to Chris for allowing me to share his photos and video.