Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Stillwater Milling

Thanks to Greg and some resin castings he made for me, I have been able to (almost) finish the external elevator for my feed mill at Davis. I still have to add ladders and platforms to the elevator, and then paint it. I also have to finish the roofs and painting for the rest of the building. But it's all coming together very nicely.

Street side view...

Track side view...

Thanks for the castings Greg. They were very easy to work with.

MelbNtrak visit 20th March 2012

Some of the MelbNtrak guys came over for a visit. We did a lot of talking, and ran a few trains. And I took a few photos.

Alan (with camera) and Rod.

(L-R) Greg, Rod, John C, Barry, Alan and John F.

John C and Alan.