Monday, 19 July 2021

Operating session 13 July 2021

After a 16 month break mainly due to COVID, we finally had an operating session on the GC&SF last week.  

I was a bit apprehensive about how the layout would perform after such a long break, but apart from some very minor issues it seems to have performed very well. We operators, on the other hand, were all a bit rusty with our skills, so I think it will take me a while to get the layout restaged and ready for the next session.

Here are some photos from the session.

Chris is setting out a string of stock cars at the Pauls Valley stock pens.

John F, Peter K. and Peter S.

Barry is running the northbound Texas Chief through Dougherty.

John F. setting out empty tank cars, and collecting loaded cars at the Wynnewood refinery.

Derek (yardmaster at Pauls Valley) is classifying cars.

Chris, operating a south-bound gravel train, is collecting a string of loaded gondolas at Big Canyon.

Barry (left) is switching Gordon White Lumber Co., while Derek and Bill work a south-bound
through freight at Pauls Valley.  
Rod (on the right) is switching at Wynnewood.

L-R: Barry, Rod and John F. watching as a local freight operated by Rod switches Wynnewood.
(Photo by Derek.)

At Pauls Valley, the locos from the stock train have tied up with the caboose while the stock cars are
loaded (unloaded?). A southbound Fast Freight is crossing from the main to the arrival/departure track.

(Photo by Chris.)

Bill appears to be checking the switch alignment on the house track at Davis, after someone failed to
line a switch for the main, sending his passenger train up the siding. 
The "quonset hut" is a cardboard
mock-up, and t
hat's Wynnewood on the LH side of the photo, on the other side of the backboard.
(Photo by Chris.)

Me, selecting a loco on a DT402D.
(Photo by Chris.)

GP7s setting out stock cars on the Pauls Valley stock yard spur.  I still have to build the stock pens
in the clearing on the left, as well as a concrete batching plant next to the sheds.

(Photo by Chris.)

L-R: Peter K, John F, Derek and Peter S. watching the action at Pauls Valley.
(Photo by Chris.)

Pauls Valley elevator.
(Photo by Chris.)

Jacobson Concrete and the Pauls Valley elevator.
(Photo by Chris.)

My thanks go to the guys for coming over and making this a successful day, and especially to Chris and Derek for allowing me to share the photos that they took.