Saturday, 21 March 2015

Running trains on the Boise Sub

Last night Big John took a turn hosting the guys on his ATSF Boise Sub layout.  I had my trusty phone-camera with me so I took some photos, as I did at Rod's last session. Here they are.

The fellow in the background is our host John, with Darren in the foreground.

Rod and Bill running a train together:

Here's John C. looking after the yard:

John makes very good use of background 'flats' and photos on his layout, as the following photos show:

Maybe it's just me, but these photos don't look as green/yellow as the photos I took during Rod's last session. On the other hand, some might be a bit too blue. I put that down to John using 6500K ("daylight") fluoros whereas Rod has 4000K ("cool white") tubes. My phone doesn't handle white compensation as well as my SLR, but it gets into some places that I could never put the camera.

Thanks for hosting another enjoyable session, John.



  1. John has a great looking layout, Ron.
    Thanks for posting photos


  2. We had good fun at Johns on Friday night. Bill and I ran the Boise City Local and got it finished.

  3. amazing layout - nice photos Ron!

  4. I must get around to John's place now that he has signaling up after the rewire! Looks like a great night Ron. :)