Wednesday, 14 December 2011

2008 - Ardmore reconstruction

In mid-2008 I modified the tracks at Ardmore, adding a new track to handle passenger trains, a small yard for the SL-SF to interchange with the GC&SF, and industry trackage to support Bluebonnet.

Rod built the brick depot from a Walthers kit.

On the fascia you can see the card trays used with the CC&WB system, and the control panel for Ardmore. You can also where the mainline and Lindsay District tracks curve around behind Bluebonnet, and then drop down to the hidden north-end staging yard.


  1. I like the Cement plant in the background. Do you have more photos of it?

    1. Cement Plant??? LOL.

      That's Bluebonnet Feed mill. It's actually two structures which Rod (of SFRSD fame) built for me from photos supplied by my friend Doug who lives near there. There is more information and a better photo here:

      I've since added a 'concrete' base (styrene), but not done much more work on it. I should update the blog entry as I now have a map showing the maze of rail tracks that ran around the complex 'back in the day.'