Saturday, 17 June 2017

Operating session 16th June 2017

I called the guys over for another session last night.  Almost everybody that I invited was able to attend, so we had the biggest crew we've had in a long time and, consequently, some of the guys didn't get to spend a lot of time running trains. Still, it was a good night, and the very few problems that we had were very minor

I took many photos during the session, but I used a new (to me) phone camera, and was disappointed to find that many of the photos were too blurry to be used. Here are the best of them:
Dennis and John C working a through freight at Pauls Valley.

A couple of rowdy rail-fans heckling the passing train driver.

Bill gathering cars at Davis for the local freight.

Greg and Rod.

Through freight (Graham) passing through Davis while the local (Bill) is at work

Graham's through freight passes through Big Canyon where a local freight is at work.

Bill's local freight has arrived at Wynnewood.

Bill switching at Wynnewood.

Bill's local freight is arriving at Pauls Valley.

Greg (yardmaster at Ardmore) is switching cars.

The southbound gravel train passes through Gene Autry
while the local is switching cars on a siding.

Another shot of the switching at Gene Autry.

Barry taking a northbound through freight through Wynnewood while Bill's local is switching there.

Dennis has moved his locos to the rear of the tank-car train as he prepares to switch the refinery.

Greg working the Ardmore yard.

John F watching as Dennis switches tank cars at the Wynnewood refinery.

Peter and Brendan were also present but I somehow managed to get no photos with them. Sorry guys.

Thank-you to the crew-members, who all did an excellent job in operating the layout and keeping to the schedule. Thanks also to my lovely wife and Harvey House manager, Beth, for doing a great job with the catering.

Thanks for looking in.