Thursday, 16 May 2013

Wynnewood progress report

As today is the middle day of the month, I thought I should post a progress report on my plan to have the base scenery at Wynnewood done by the end of the month.

My temporary job as manager of the Akoonah Park camping ground is taking up a lot of my time, so I'm well behind schedule. Actually, it's not so much the time the job requires, as it is the frequent 30 minute interuptions to the day.

Nevertheless, progress has been made.  I've worked out where the roads will go, and made a start on them.  I've also built the core buildings for Martin Fertilizer and Musgrove Lumber.  The original plan was for Musgrove Lumber to have a row of buildings along both sides of the rail siding, but after experimenting with cardboard mock-ups, I feel that having buildings on the aisle side of the track will make it very difficult for operators to work the siding. I'll ask the guys what they think when they come over for my next operating session in mid June.

I've also installed the foundation and "brick" paving for the depot, and slightly realigned the station siding.  And I have painted the rails - the mainline got two coats of rail brown, and the secondary tracks got a coat of rail brown followed by a coat of red-brown.

I still have a lot more prep work to get done before I can start laying the ground cover. If I can't finish it by the end of May, I have a 'hard' target of getting it done before the June operating session.


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