Friday, 3 May 2013

Martin Fertilizer, Wynnewood

I've set myself the target of having the base scenery done at Wynnewood by the end of this month. That's a big challenge for me as I haven't even built the core structures for Wynnewood yet, or even decided where they (or the roads) will go.

So, over the past two evenings I've been building Martin Fertilizer. I was planning on using a structure I made for my N-trak module, but decided I wanted something a little bigger, and more like the real building.

Courtesy of Google Streetview, here is the real Martin Fertilizer:

And here is my model:

I had to estimate the dimensions.  And I should have referred to the photos more frequently than I did because I missed one door completely and placed another in the wrong place.  I've left the roof off until after I paint the building and install the window glazing).

This building is not served by rail, but the location of the disused siding at the rear of the building leads me to think that it once might have been. That's certainly enough evidence for me to exercise my modellers' licence.
I will be modelling Martin Fertilizer in earlier (and hopefully more prosperous) times.  I believe that the siding behind Martin Fertilizer once extended beyond W. Seminole Street.

In the top right-hand corner of the last photo you can see some of the sheds at Musgrove Lumber, which is the next industry I have to model.


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  1. Wow Ron, that new building looks impressive. Should look good once in place.