Friday, 15 April 2022

GC&SF operating session - 12th April 2022

I've been keen to get back into CC&WB operating sessions since COVID forced the suspension of services on the GC&SF, and I called a crew together last Tuesday for the layout's second operating session for this year.

It has been quite a while since some of the guys last operated on the GC&SF, so I intentionally ran the fast-clock much slower than we normally run it (3:1 ratio instead of 5:1 or 4:1). I had no reason for concern however, and the guys took to their jobs with skill and enthusiasm. We got much further through the time-table than I expected we would, and with very few problems.

Here are some photos from the session:

Dennis is switching at the Bluebonnet Feed Mill, in Ardmore.

Bill and Rod switching at Wynnewood.

Chris and John C looked after the Pauls Valley yard.

Derek took care of the Ardmore yard.

Bill checking the paperwork as he and Rod switch Davis with the Pauls Valley local.

Dennis is about to set out empty gondolas, and collect loaded gondolas
at Southern Rock Asphalt, Dougherty.

John F is bringing a north-bound freight train (Train 38) onto the arrival/departure track
at Ardmore, where it will set out some cars and collect others.

Noel is returning to Ardmore with the Ardmore local freight.

The Ardmore local freight  (Noel) has taken the siding at Gene Autry so that
John's northbound freight (Train 38) can pass.

Derek has cleared out almost all of the cars from Ardmore yard.

John F with Train 38 arriving at Wynnewood.

Rod and Bill switching at Wynnewood as Train 38 passes through town on the main track.

John F has brought Train 38 onto the Arrival/Departure track at Pauls Valley so he can exchange
cars with the yard. Bill and Rod are watching on as they await the chance to return to
Pauls Valley with the local freight (currently sitting on the siding at Wynnewood.).

Derek (left) and me at Ardmore. Things were so relaxed due to the slow clock-speed that I even
got to run some trains. Here I have just brought the SLSF freight train from Hugo into Ardmore.

The Pauls Valley yard crew, John C and Chris, discussing car moves.

Dennis and Noel ran the afternoon Pauls Valley local freight. Dennis is switching at Wynnewood.

Noel and Dennis with the Pauls Valley local freight at Davis.

I'll also post larger versions of these photos on my GC&SF Facebook page.

I am also pleased to report that the layout again operated very well with both the UR92 and UR93 radio devices working together. In recent months I've spent a lot of time researching the vagaries of the Digitrax system, and I think it is paying off in better, more reliable operation.

My thanks go to the guys who came over for making this a great session.



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