Thursday, 11 May 2017

Rebuilding Gene Autry (part 3)

I spent Tuesday laying the track at Gene Autry, and I'm pretty happy with the outcome. My photos really don't show the result very well, but here they are:

Gene Autry from the Ardmore (south) end, with the airpark in the distance. The main track is the centre track,
and is sitting on 3mm cork roadbed. The passing siding on the aisle side and the house track on the wall side
are both on 1.5mm cork roadbed.
Gene Autry looking generally south. The flatcar is located at the 'team track' area and the covered hopper
is at the feed mill.

This is the revised trackwork at the airpark. The box cars are sitting on one of the two sidings.

The next step is to complete the wiring. I soldered droppers to every section of track as I fitted it, and intended to complete the wiring yesterday. However, an unplanned trip to the hospital emergency ward yesterday afternoon put an end to that idea.  I'm still not running on all cylinders, so that job will probably now have to wait until next week.

I also have to construct and install the push-rods to operate these points, but it may be a few weeks before I can get around to doing that. These Peco points have been modified to make them "DCC friendly" so their frog rails will be unpowered until I install the push-rod mechanisms. I'm hoping that they'll work reliably enough without powered frogs that I can host an operating session in a couple of weeks.

Thanks for looking.