Friday, 5 February 2016

Peter's HOn3 layout

Today I had the pleasure of operating on Peter's HOn3 "D&RGW" layout. Peter's layout is a 'work in progress' and the modelling is superb.  He has completed scenery on about one-third of the layout. 

Peter has a collection of some beautiful rolling stock, including a bunch of Blackstone HOn3 steam locomotives that operate and sound every bit as good as they look. He also has a large collection of very nice scratch-built buildings.

Here are some photos that I took using my trusty phone camera.

Peter is in the process of adding CC&WB operation, and I'm looking forward to getting down there again to do some 'serious' switching when it's done.

Thanks for hosting today, Peter. I was very impressed.  

(Hmmm ... I wonder what I could sell my N scale stuff for ..?)


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