Monday, 26 November 2012

Scenery update

After letting October slip by without a post, I decided that I should make a bigger effort to keep this blog up to date.  So here's an update on the scenery I've been working on since the last ops session.

This first picture shows the low hill that sits at the end of the Wynnewood/Davis peninsula. The hill will be moderately wooded to provide a sight screen, blocking the view from one side of the peninsula to the other..

The plastic bags are sitting where Johnstone Engineering (Davis) will be located. The single ended siding in the foreground is the Davis stock yard track. The pens and chute will be located on the gravelled area, and stock-car bedding will be done near the end of the track.  The tracks on the far side of the peninsula are for the Kerr-McGee refinery at Wynnewood. (I need a couple of TrainCat models 40' tank car loading platforms for here, but they seem to be unavailable.)

This next photo shows that I've started construction of a hill that will separate Davis from Dougherty.  In reality, that part of the railroad winds through Oklahoma's Arbuckle mountains, and comes to the edge of the Washita River in a couple of places.  Unfortunately, I don't have room to model those scenic features, which is a great pity as I was really hoping to model "The Cut" south of Davis, due to its picturesque nature and its history.

The cut-away section on the right is for the Southern Rock Asphalt quarry, which was actually located some distance from the rail line, but I've used my modeller's licence to relocate it close to town.

The small panel on the right of the fascia controls the hidden staging tracks that sit directly under the layout at this location.  When I rebuild the fascia for this section I will include CCTV monitoring of the staging yard tracks.

This last photo shows a small hill at the south end of Dougherty, which (once tree covered) will screen the view of the Dolese Bros. quarry at Big Canyon (on the other side of the peninsula).  If you look closely you can see the edge of the water pond at Big Canyon, in the background.

The masking tape across the tracks in the foreground is where I will locate a road.  The dark patch just right of centre will become a gravel area for loading/unloading cars on the team track.

Thanks for looking.

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