Sunday, 10 June 2012

Street building at Davis....

Over the past few days I've been cutting and painting styrene sheet for the streets at Davis. The following photo shows the general arrangement, but I (then) still had to cut and fit the bits that will go between the rails:

The photo also shows that I've cut and installed the brick sheet for the passenger platform at the Davis depot.

I was originally planning for all the roads to represent asphalt surfaces, but after spending some time "driving" around Davis on Google Streetview, I decided that the roads between the station and the backdrop will be concrete with kerbing. This photo shows those sections after I have scribed the gaps in the the concrete surface, and added the kerbing (which is 0.040" x 0.040" styrene strip).

I still have to paint these sections a light grey to represent concrete.

I'm planning to put several buildings or building flats along the wall behind the depot, to represent the business district of Davis.

The two roads that lead off the aisle side of the depot have been painted in various shades of grey to represent asphalt that has been laid and repaired at different times. Once all the roads have been installed I will attack them with chalks to give them a well-used appearance.

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