Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Operating session 11th May 2012

The GC&SF hosts operating sessions every two months or so, and the guys came over on the 11th of May to run the layout. Here are some photos that I took during the session. Unfortunately, I didn't set my camera up properly, so the depth of field is way too shallow.

Noel was the operator at Pauls Valley, and here he is sorting through car cards:

Rod operating a passenger train at Davis:

Rod and Vic 'chewing the fat' while they wait for departure time (using a fast-time clock):

 Barry switching stock cars at Davis, while Dennis waits for the track to clear:

Dennis with train 37 southbound at Dougherty:

Barry again, this time with a local freight at Dougherty:

Greg operating Ardmore yard, while Vic runs a fast freight:

Greg and Barry at Ardmore:

We were plagued by a problem with the radio system on the night. I'll have to sort that out before the next session.

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